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Before you report a bug, please make sure you have completed the following steps:

- You checked carefully our wiki:
- Used the form above or our advanced search page to make sure nobody has reported the bug/request/ticket already.
- Made sure you are using the latest version or a build from Git.

Once you've double-checked that the bug you've found hasn't already been reported, and that you have collected all the information you need to file an excellent bug report, you can do so on our bug reporting page.
ID Category  asc Task Type Severity Priority Opened Summary Status Progress
49 Game Configuration Bug Report High Normal 2014-07-30 Wrong output to RECON TOOL (MTA-SA) Unconfirmed
27 Game Server Bug Report Medium Normal 2013-08-06 RCON commands cannot be issued for W:ET server Researching
35 Game Server Support Ticket Medium Normal 2013-11-28 FTP Refused
31 Translations Feature Request Low Normal 2013-09-26 Romanian Translation Work in Progress
32 Translations Feature Request Low Normal 2013-10-19 Hungarian Translation Assigned
42 Translations Feature Request Medium Normal 2014-02-06 Translation to Brazilian Portuguese Assigned
11 User Interface Feature Request Low Normal 2013-03-03 Game Banner "tracker" Planned
50 User Interface Bug Report Low Normal 2014-08-10 Creating a Linux server with spaces in the path causes ... Unconfirmed
51 User Interface Feature Request Medium Normal 2014-08-30 Add Bukget & General functionality to run and edit Bukk... Requires Testing
9 User Interface Feature Request Very Low Low 2013-01-10 MotD generation Planned
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